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A positive brand is critical in today's Ag environment, especially at the Farmer level.

A brand is more than a fancy logo.  It's your reputation and in agriculture the people behind your brand is even more important. 

Why is my brand so important?

According to findings from a National Harris Poll Survey:
The vast majority (more than 80%) of Americans seek recommendations when making a purchase of any kind.  This makes the importance of people being able to remember and understand what your brand represents highly important. 

Complete the Your Farm - Your Brand Scorecard

Give yourself 10 points for each statement you believe is true below:

___ You have an established Farm Name

___ You have a Farm Logo

___ You have a Farm Sign

___ You have a Farm Website

___ You have a Farm social media presence (dedicated facebook page, twitter, linkedin, etc)

___ You have branding on your trucks, tractors and/or other farm equipment

___ You have branded apparel like shirts, hats, jackets etc…

___ You have printed business cards, letterhead and other printed collateral with your brand on it.

___ You promote your brand in your community by sponsoring things like 4H, FFA, Little League, or local community events

___ You have a brand protection plan.  You know what to do if something would go wrong.  You have a dedicated spokesperson for media inquiry and in the case of crisis management.


Total Points:________

80 points or above = You are on your way to having a strong Farm Brand

60-80 = You maybe on the right track but have some work to do.

60 points or less = You may want to spend some time developing Your Farm Brand

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