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How we communicate to our customers, community, partners, prospects and family is more important today than ever before. 

How frequent is your communication with landowner stakeholders, employees and your local community?  When you do communicate what does the content look like?

Who are we marketing too?

The content should speak to the audience.  It doesn't matter if we are wanting to put a message in front of a cattle rancher or produce farmer we need to develop content that speaks to their individual needs.  

As a farmer we need to consider our audience as well.  Is it a message for our:



•Land Owners/ tenants

•Employees/ future employees




Types of Content to consider:


•Custom Advertorial

•Custom Event

•Custom Publishing

•Custom Website


•Live From Video

•Long Form Video

•Market Research

•Native Advertisement



•Short Form Video

•Social Media

•Tech Sales

•Topic Resource

•Virtual Roundtable


•White Paper 

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