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“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

A solid brand and marketing strategy should drive sales results.  A strong media mix with an internal understanding of the overall communication goals is what makes companies exceptional. 

Strategies That Work To Reach Farmers

Everything!  That's right... when done properly a multi media mix is the best approach for reaching the Ag market.  


  • Farmers are getting older and many decision makers are 65+ years old.  They still read printed magazines, newspapers and direct mail.  

  • Farmers love technology and many are consuming digital online and mobile content.  Most are active on social media with accounts on facebook, twitter, you tube, linkedin and even pinterest!

  • Farmers are mobile and often listen to radio especially during planting and harvest season.  

  • Farmers crave information and watch Ag news shows on TV and on demand.

  • Farmers are hands-on people and still like to do business with a hand shake.  Events continue to be a great way to engage with Farmers.  

Quick Fact:  Over 800,000 known production farmers are active on facebook. More than any other social platform.

Social Use Strategy for Farmers


•Reach your farm fans and create new ones

• twitter

•News making

•Business and Advocate Engagement

• LinkedIn

•Find new customers & partners


• pinterest

•Idea sharing

•Crop scouting

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